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PACE Center for Girls Southwest Florida

Pace Center for girls, inc.

PACE Center for Girls is a nationally recognized and research-based model that features a balanced emphasis on academics and social services with a focus on the future for middle and high school aged girls and young women.

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The Foundation of PACE is a gender-responsive culture, providing a safe environment that celebrates girls, services that take into account how girls learn and develop, and staff that understand the lives of girls and can respond to their strengths and challenges. PACE provides goal setting and monitoring, education support, decision-making and lifestyle skills and career preparation and counseling.

We support PACE’s life management curriculum, called “Spirited Girls," which teaches girls to make positive decisions and lifestyle choices.

In their Spirited Girls classes girls learn how to better navigate real life, tackling topics such as self-esteem, conflict resolution, personal grooming, relationship building, and so much more.

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